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wasmtime-wasi now supports using multiple snapshots to interface to the same WasiCtx!

wasmtime_wasi::Wasi::new(&Store, WasiCtx) is a struct which owns your WasiCtx and provides linkage to every available snapshot.

Individual snapshots are available through wasmtime_wasi::snapshots::preview_{0, 1}::Wasi::new(&Store, Rc<RefCell<WasiCtx>>).



  • Wasmtime’s WASI Preview 2 Implementation
  • Re-export the commonly used wasi-cap-std-sync crate here. This saves consumers of this library from having to keep additional dependencies in sync.


  • An error returned from the proc_exit host syscall.
  • An Arc-wrapper around the wasi-common context to allow mutable access to the file descriptor table. This wrapper is only necessary due to the signature of fd_fdstat_set_flags; if that changes, there are a variety of improvements that can be made (TODO: