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JIT-style runtime for WebAssembly using Cranelift.


Management of executable memory within a MmapVec

A compiled wasm module, ready to be instantiated.

Secondary in-memory results of compilation.

Interface for driving the creation of jitdump files

A type akin to Vec<u8>, but backed by mmap and able to be split.

Default agent for unsupported profiling build.

A context which contains dwarf debug information to translate program counters back to filenames and line numbers.

This is intended to mirror the type tables in wasmtime_environ, except that it doesn’t store the native signatures which are no longer needed past compilation.

Interface for driving vtune support


An error condition while setting up a wasm instance, be it validation, compilation, or instantiation.


Version number of this crate.


Common interface for profiling tools.


Finishes compilation of the translation specified, producing the final compilation artifact and auxiliary information.

Returns the range of inner within outer, such that outer[range] is the same as inner.