[][src]Enum wasmer::Extern

pub enum Extern {

An Extern is the runtime representation of an entity that can be imported or exported.

Spec: https://webassembly.github.io/spec/core/exec/runtime.html#external-values



A external Function.


A external Global.


A external Table.


A external Memory.


impl Extern[src]

pub fn ty(&self) -> ExternType[src]

Return the undelying type of the inner Extern.

pub fn from_vm_export(store: &Store, export: Export) -> Self[src]

Create an Extern from an wasmer_vm::Export.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Extern[src]

impl Debug for Extern[src]

impl<'a> Exportable<'a> for Extern[src]

impl From<Function> for Extern[src]

impl From<Global> for Extern[src]

impl From<Memory> for Extern[src]

impl From<Table> for Extern[src]

impl StoreObject for Extern[src]

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