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The wasmer-compiler crate provides the necessary abstractions to create a compiler.

It provides an universal way of parsing a module via wasmparser, while giving the responsibility of compiling specific function WebAssembly bodies to the Compiler implementation.


  • pub use frame_info::FRAME_INFO;
  • pub use frame_info::FRAME_INFO;


  • Tunable parameters for WebAssembly compilation. This is the reference implementation of the Tunables trait, used by default.
  • This is a global cache of backtrace frame information for all active
  • Controls which experimental features will be enabled. Features usually have a corresponding WebAssembly proposal.
  • Represents a continuous region of executable memory starting with a function entry point.
  • An RAII structure used to unregister a module’s frame information when the module is destroyed.


  • An error while instantiating a module.
  • The WebAssembly.LinkError object indicates an error during module instantiation (besides traps from the start function).


  • Version number of this crate.


  • An Artifact is the product that the Engine implementation produce and use.
  • An engine delegates the creation of memories, tables, and globals to a foreign implementor of this trait.
  • Trait needed to get downcasting of Engines to work.


  • Given a Trap, this function returns the Wasm trace and the trap code.
  • Registers a new compiled module’s frame information.
  • This function allows to match all imports of a ModuleInfo with concrete definitions provided by a Resolver.

Type Aliases

  • Addend to add to the symbol value.
  • Offset in bytes from the beginning of the function.