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The wasmer-compiler crate provides the necessary abstractions to create a compiler.

It provides an universal way of parsing a module via wasmparser, while giving the responsibility of compiling specific function WebAssembly bodies to the Compiler implementation.


Tunable parameters for WebAssembly compilation. This is the reference implementation of the Tunables trait, used by default.
This is a global cache of backtrace frame information for all active
Controls which experimental features will be enabled. Features usually have a corresponding WebAssembly proposal.
Description of a frame in a backtrace for a RuntimeError::trace.
Represents a continuous region of executable memory starting with a function entry point.
An RAII structure used to unregister a module’s frame information when the module is destroyed.
A struct representing an aborted instruction execution, with a message indicating the cause.


An error while instantiating a module.
The WebAssembly.LinkError object indicates an error during module instantiation (besides traps from the start function).


Version number of this crate.


An Artifact is the product that the Engine implementation produce and use.
An engine delegates the creation of memories, tables, and globals to a foreign implementor of this trait.
Trait needed to get downcasting of Engines to work.


Registers a new compiled module’s frame information.
This function allows to match all imports of a ModuleInfo with concrete definitions provided by a Resolver.

Type Definitions

Addend to add to the symbol value.
Offset in bytes from the beginning of the function.