[][src]Struct wasmer_compiler_singlepass::Singlepass

pub struct Singlepass { /* fields omitted */ }


impl Singlepass[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Creates a new configuration object with the default configuration specified.

pub fn enable_stack_check(&mut self, enable: bool) -> &mut Self[src]

Enable stack check.

When enabled, an explicit stack depth check will be performed on entry to each function to prevent stack overflow.

Note that this doesn't guarantee deterministic execution across different platforms.

pub fn canonicalize_nans(&mut self, enable: bool) -> &mut Self[src]

Enable NaN canonicalization.

NaN canonicalization is useful when trying to run WebAssembly deterministically across different architectures.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Singlepass[src]

impl CompilerConfig for Singlepass[src]

pub fn compiler(self: Box<Self>) -> Box<dyn Compiler>[src]

Transform it into the compiler

pub fn default_features_for_target(&self, _target: &Target) -> Features[src]

Gets the default features for this compiler in the given target

pub fn push_middleware(&mut self, middleware: Arc<dyn ModuleMiddleware>)[src]

Pushes a middleware onto the back of the middleware chain.

impl Debug for Singlepass[src]

impl Default for Singlepass[src]

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