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This project is discontinued.

Please note that this was an experimental game library made while I was learning Rust.
Feel free to request the ownership of the crate on at

The goal of this crate is to help you to make great 2d games running in web browsers. This crate is inspired by SFML.

How to use

Getting started with Wasm may be painful. That’s why I created a simple template you can use to quickly start wasm development.

First, you need to install wasm-pack and cargo-generate.

cargo install wasm-pack
cargo install cargo-generate

Then, use cargo-generate to generate a new crate (modify the name at the end of the command):

cargo generate --git --name amazing-game

Your game is now generated and is ready to be compiled with the command:

wasm-pack build --target=web

To test you game, you need a web server. Open a terminal and go to your project directory. Then, launch the webserver.

cd pkg/
python3 -m http.server 8001

Your game is now testable on http://localhost:8001!

In case this does not work, make sure you followed every instruction and contact me.



This module contains everything related to graphics.


This module contains everything related to inputs (keyboard, mouse) and events.


You will need this module for various things.



A eprintln-like macro. Warning: This is extremely slow.


A println-like macro. Warning: This is very slow.