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Runtime support for the wasm-bindgen tool

This crate contains the runtime support necessary for wasm-bindgen the attribute and tool. Crates pull in the #[wasm_bindgen] attribute through this crate and this crate also provides JS bindings through the JsValue interface.


Support for long-lived closures in wasm-bindgen

This is mostly an internal module, no stability guarantees are provided. Use at your own risk.

A module which is typically glob imported from:


A wrapper type around slices and vectors for binding the Uint8ClampedArray array in JS.

Convenience type for use on exported fn() -> Result<T, JsError> functions, where you wish to throw a JavaScript Error object.

Wrapper type for imported statics.

Representation of an object owned by JS.


A trait for checked and unchecked casting between JS types.

An extension trait for Option<T> and Result<T, E> for unwrapping the T value, or throwing a JS error if it is not available.


Get the count of live externrefs / JsValues in wasm-bindgen’s heap.

Returns a handle to this wasm instance’s WebAssembly.Table which is the indirect function table used by Rust

Interns Rust strings so that it’s much faster to send them to JS.

Returns a handle to this wasm instance’s WebAssembly.Memory

Throws a JS exception.

Rethrow a JS exception

Removes a Rust string from the intern cache.