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Applet-side of the applet API.

This api crate provides Rust bindings for the Wasm-side of the applet API. Users should not directly use those bindings but instead use the prelude crate that provides higher-level and more convenient access.

The bindings in this crate are automatically generated from a proc-macro based on a procedural description of the applet API defined in the api-desc crate. As such, they follow a precise convention:

  • The module hierarchy in the applet API is mapped to the module hierarchy in this crate.
  • Type definitions (like enums) are mapped to their definition. If an enum is used as an error, it provides a Error::to_result(isize) -> Result<usize, Error> method to convert signed integer results into Rust Result.
  • Functions are mapped to their definition but also to a module of the same name. This module defines 2 structs: Params for the parameters of the function and Results for the results of the function. If a struct is empty, then it is not used.
  • All parameters and results are 32-bits integers mapping to the i32 Wasm type, but their Rust type reflect their role. For example:
    • usize for unsigned integers
    • isize for signed integers (which may represent some Result<u31, u31> where the error type may be converted to some enum)
    • *const u8 and *mut u8 for opaque/polymorphic pointers
    • *const T and *mut T for transparent pointers where T is recursively defined
    • extern "C" fn(data: *const u8, ...) for closures over some opaque data and possibly additional parameters



  • syscallNon-native
    Board-specific syscalls.