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A small library providing a reader from WARC to Arrow.

This implementation is written for the WARC Format 1.0 specification.

Users will consume the Reader struct to create a new reader of a WARC source. The reader expects some BufRead source which it will internally wrap with a WarcReader. Once created, the reader can be iterated in order to retrieve the Arrow representation of the WARC records.

The standard WARC schema is also provided via the DEFAULT_SCHEMA reference.

The warc-parquet command line utility leverages this library directly.


use std::io::{BufReader, Cursor};

use warc_parquet::{Reader, DEFAULT_SCHEMA};

let file = BufReader::new(Cursor::new(b""));
let schema = DEFAULT_SCHEMA.clone();
let mut reader = Reader::new(file, schema);
for record in reader.iter_reader() {
    dbg!(record); // There won't be anything, since we provided an empty buffer.


The WARC Format 1.0 schema.

A reader which transforms the given BufRead source into an Arrow representation.