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Asynchronous implementation of Web Application Messaging Protocol (v2)

WAMP is an open standard WebSocket  subprotocol  that provides two application messaging patterns in one unified protocol:

  • routed Remote Procedure Calls and
  • Publish & Subscribe

The WAMP protocol is a community effort and the specification is made available for free under an open license for everyone to use or implement.


pub use crate::client::Client;
pub use crate::client::Connection;
pub use crate::router::Router;



Message Routing in WAMP


Represens WAMP calling error

Represents URI


The policies that dictate how invocations are distributed amongst shared registrations

The policies that can be used for matching a uri pattern.

Represents error reasons

Represents WAMP Value


Defines Argument Dictionary functonality

Defines Argument List functonality

Type Definitions

Alias for call Result with CallError

Alias for HashMap of Value’s

Alias for u64

Alias for Vec of Value’s

Alias for WAMP Result