[][src]Struct vulkano::sync::AccessFlagBits

pub struct AccessFlagBits {
    pub indirect_command_read: bool,
    pub index_read: bool,
    pub vertex_attribute_read: bool,
    pub uniform_read: bool,
    pub input_attachment_read: bool,
    pub shader_read: bool,
    pub shader_write: bool,
    pub color_attachment_read: bool,
    pub color_attachment_write: bool,
    pub depth_stencil_attachment_read: bool,
    pub depth_stencil_attachment_write: bool,
    pub transfer_read: bool,
    pub transfer_write: bool,
    pub host_read: bool,
    pub host_write: bool,
    pub memory_read: bool,
    pub memory_write: bool,


indirect_command_read: boolindex_read: boolvertex_attribute_read: booluniform_read: boolinput_attachment_read: boolshader_read: boolshader_write: boolcolor_attachment_read: boolcolor_attachment_write: booldepth_stencil_attachment_read: booldepth_stencil_attachment_write: booltransfer_read: booltransfer_write: boolhost_read: boolhost_write: boolmemory_read: boolmemory_write: bool


impl AccessFlagBits[src]

pub fn all() -> AccessFlagBits[src]

Builds an AccessFlagBits struct with all bits set.

pub fn none() -> AccessFlagBits[src]

Builds an AccessFlagBits struct with none of the bits set.

impl AccessFlagBits[src]

pub fn is_compatible_with(&self, stages: &PipelineStages) -> bool[src]

Returns true if the access flags can be used with the given pipeline stages.

Corresponds to Table 4. Supported access types in section 6.1.3. Access Types of the Vulkan specs.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for AccessFlagBits[src]

impl Copy for AccessFlagBits[src]

impl Debug for AccessFlagBits[src]

impl BitOr<AccessFlagBits> for AccessFlagBits[src]

type Output = AccessFlagBits

The resulting type after applying the | operator.

impl BitOrAssign<AccessFlagBits> for AccessFlagBits[src]

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