[][src]Struct vulkano::pipeline::vertex::BufferlessDefinition

pub struct BufferlessDefinition;

Implementation of VertexDefinition for drawing with no buffers at all.

This is only useful if your shaders come up with vertex data on their own, e.g. by inspecting gl_VertexIndex

Trait Implementations

impl<I> VertexDefinition<I> for BufferlessDefinition[src]

type BuffersIter = Empty<(u32, usize, InputRate)>

Iterator that returns the offset, the stride (in bytes) and input rate of each buffer.

type AttribsIter = Empty<(u32, u32, AttributeInfo)>

Iterator that returns the attribute location, buffer id, and infos.

impl VertexSource<BufferlessVertices> for BufferlessDefinition[src]

impl<T> VertexSource<Vec<T>> for BufferlessDefinition[src]

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