[][src]Struct vulkano::memory::MemoryRequirements

pub struct MemoryRequirements {
    pub size: usize,
    pub alignment: usize,
    pub memory_type_bits: u32,
    pub prefer_dedicated: bool,

Represents requirements expressed by the Vulkan implementation when it comes to binding memory to a resource.


size: usize

Number of bytes of memory required.

alignment: usize

Alignment of the requirement buffer. The base memory address must be a multiple of this value.

memory_type_bits: u32

Indicates which memory types can be used. Each bit that is set to 1 means that the memory type whose index is the same as the position of the bit can be used.

prefer_dedicated: bool

True if the implementation prefers to use dedicated allocations (in other words, allocate a whole block of memory dedicated to this resource alone). If the khr_get_memory_requirements2 extension isn't enabled, then this will be false.

Note: As its name says, using a dedicated allocation is an optimization and not a requirement.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for MemoryRequirements[src]

impl Copy for MemoryRequirements[src]

impl Debug for MemoryRequirements[src]

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