[][src]Struct vulkano::memory::pool::StdNonHostVisibleMemoryTypePool

pub struct StdNonHostVisibleMemoryTypePool { /* fields omitted */ }

Memory pool that operates on a given memory type.


impl StdNonHostVisibleMemoryTypePool[src]

pub fn new(
    device: Arc<Device>,
    memory_type: MemoryType
) -> Arc<StdNonHostVisibleMemoryTypePool>

Creates a new pool that will operate on the given memory type.


  • Panics if the device and memory_type don't belong to the same physical device.

pub fn alloc(
    me: &Arc<Self>,
    size: usize,
    alignment: usize
) -> Result<StdNonHostVisibleMemoryTypePoolAlloc, DeviceMemoryAllocError>

Allocates memory from the pool.


  • Panics if size is 0.
  • Panics if alignment is 0.

pub fn device(&self) -> &Arc<Device>[src]

Returns the device this pool operates on.

pub fn memory_type(&self) -> MemoryType[src]

Returns the memory type this pool operates on.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for StdNonHostVisibleMemoryTypePool[src]

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