[][src]Struct vulkano::descriptor::descriptor_set::FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool

pub struct FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L> { /* fields omitted */ }

Pool of descriptor sets of a specific capacity and that are automatically reclaimed.

You are encouraged to use this type when you need a different descriptor set at each frame, or regularly during the execution.


At initialization, create a FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool. The first parameter of the new function can be a graphics pipeline, a compute pipeline, or anything that represents a pipeline layout.

use vulkano::descriptor::descriptor_set::FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool;
// use vulkano::pipeline::GraphicsPipelineAbstract;
// let graphics_pipeline: Arc<GraphicsPipelineAbstract> = ...;

let pool = FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool::new(graphics_pipeline.clone(), 0);

You would then typically store the pool in a struct for later. Its type is FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<T> where T is the type of what was passed to new(). In the example above, it would be FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<Arc<GraphicsPipelineAbstract>>.

Then whenever you need a descriptor set, call pool.next() to start the process of building it.

let descriptor_set = pool.next()

Note that next() requires exclusive (mut) access to the pool. You can use a Mutex around the pool if you can't provide this.


impl<L> FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L>[src]

pub fn new(layout: L, set_id: usize) -> FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L> where
    L: PipelineLayoutAbstract

Initializes a new pool. The pool is configured to allocate sets that corresponds to the parameters passed to this function.

pub fn next(&mut self) -> FixedSizeDescriptorSetBuilder<L, ()> where
    L: PipelineLayoutAbstract + Clone

Starts the process of building a new descriptor set.

The set will corresponds to the set layout that was passed to new.

Trait Implementations

impl<L: Clone> Clone for FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<L> Send for FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L> where
    L: Send

impl<L> Sync for FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L> where
    L: Sync

impl<L> Unpin for FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L> where
    L: Unpin

impl<L> UnwindSafe for FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L> where
    L: UnwindSafe

impl<L> RefUnwindSafe for FixedSizeDescriptorSetsPool<L> where
    L: RefUnwindSafe

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