[][src]Struct vulkano::command_buffer::pool::standard::StandardCommandPool

pub struct StandardCommandPool { /* fields omitted */ }

Standard implementation of a command pool.

It is guaranteed that the allocated command buffers keep the Arc<StandardCommandPool> alive. This is desirable so that we can store a Weak<StandardCommandPool>.

Will use one Vulkan pool per thread in order to avoid locking. Will try to reuse command buffers. Command buffers can't be moved between threads during the building process, but finished command buffers can.


impl StandardCommandPool[src]

pub fn new(
    device: Arc<Device>,
    queue_family: QueueFamily
) -> StandardCommandPool

Builds a new pool.


  • Panics if the device and the queue family don't belong to the same physical device.

Trait Implementations

impl DeviceOwned for StandardCommandPool[src]

impl Send for StandardCommandPool[src]

impl Sync for StandardCommandPool[src]

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