[][src]Struct vujio_server::WebSocketConnection

pub struct WebSocketConnection(_, _);

WebSocket connection

This is the type that the handler passed to [WebSocket::new] receives. It represents a bidirectional stream of websocket data.


impl WebSocketConnection[src]

pub async fn send_string(&'_ self, s: String) -> Result<(), Error>[src]

Sends a string message to the connected websocket client

pub async fn send_bytes(&'_ self, bytes: Vec<u8, Global>) -> Result<(), Error>[src]

Sends a binary message to the connected websocket client

pub async fn send_json(&'_ self, json: &'_ impl Serialize) -> Result<(), Error>[src]

Sends the serde_json serialization of the provided type as a string to the connected websocket client

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for WebSocketConnection[src]

impl Debug for WebSocketConnection[src]

impl From<WebSocketStream<Connection>> for WebSocketConnection[src]

impl Stream for WebSocketConnection[src]

type Item = Result<Message, Error>

Values yielded by the stream.

Auto Trait Implementations

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