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Collection of modules that provides helpers and utilities used by multiple rust-vmm components.


  • aioLinux or Android
    Safe wrapper over Linux AIO.
  • epollLinux or Android
    Safe wrappers over the epoll API.
  • Structures, helpers, and type definitions for working with errno.
  • eventfdLinux or Android
    Structure and wrapper functions for working with eventfd.
  • fallocateLinux or Android
    Enum and function for dealing with an allocated disk space by fallocate.
  • Trait and wrapper for working with C defined FAM structures.
  • Traits for handling file synchronization and length.
  • ioctlLinux or Android
    Macros and functions for working with ioctl.
  • The purpose of this module is to provide abstractions for working with metrics in the context of rust-vmm components where there is a strong need to have metrics as an optional feature.
  • pollLinux or Android
    Traits and structures for working with epoll
  • Miscellaneous functions related to getting (pseudo) random numbers and strings.
  • seek_holeLinux or Android
    Traits and implementations over lseek64.
  • signalLinux or Android
    Enums, traits and functions for working with signal.
  • sock_ctrl_msgLinux or Android
    Wrapper for sending and receiving messages with file descriptors on sockets that accept control messages (e.g. Unix domain sockets).
  • Wrapper for interpreting syscall exit codes.
  • Structure for handling temporary directories.
  • Struct for handling temporary files as well as any cleanup required.
  • Trait for working with termios.
  • timerfdLinux or Android
    Structure and functions for working with timerfd.
  • write_zeroesLinux or Android
    Traits for replacing a range with a hole and writing zeroes in a file.


  • Generate FamStruct implementation for structs with flexible array member.
  • ioctl_io_nrLinux or Android
    Declare an ioctl that transfers no data.
  • ioctl_ioc_nrLinux or Android
    Declare a function that returns an ioctl number.
  • ioctl_ior_nrLinux or Android
    Declare an ioctl that reads data.
  • ioctl_iow_nrLinux or Android
    Declare an ioctl that writes data.
  • ioctl_iowr_nrLinux or Android
    Declare an ioctl that reads and writes data.