[][src]Struct vk_bot::response::Response

pub struct Response { /* fields omitted */ }

Manages the bot's current response to a message/event.


impl Response[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Creates a new Response.

pub fn attachments(&self) -> &Vec<AttachmentInformation>[src]

Returns the attachments of this response.

pub fn attach(&mut self, info: AttachmentInformation)[src]

Attaches another attachment to the response.

pub fn message(&self) -> &String[src]

Returns the message of this response.

pub fn set_message(&mut self, msg: &str)[src]

Sets a new message text for the response.

pub fn keyboard(&self) -> &Option<Keyboard>[src]

Returns the keyboard of this response, if present.

pub fn set_keyboard(&mut self, kbd: Keyboard)[src]

Sets a new keyboard for the response.

pub fn set_keyboard_empty(&mut self)[src]

Sets an empty keyboard for the response, which will remove the keyboard on the user side once this response is sent.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for Response[src]

impl Debug for Response[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Response

impl Sync for Response

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