[][src]Macro version_sync::assert_contains_regex

macro_rules! assert_contains_regex {
    ($path:expr, $format:expr) => { ... };

Assert that versions numbers are up to date via a regex.

This macro allows you verify that the current version number is mentioned in a particular file, such as a changelog file. You do this by specifying a regular expression which will be matched against the file.

The macro calls check_contains_regex on the file name given. The package name and current package version is automatically taken from the $CARGO_PKG_NAME and $CARGO_PKG_VERSION environment variables. These environment variables are automatically set by Cargo when compiling your crate.


The typical way to use this macro is from an integration test:

fn test_readme_mentions_version() {
    version_sync::assert_contains_regex!("README.md", "^### Version {version}");

Tests are run with the current directory set to directory where your Cargo.toml file is, so this will find a README.md file next to your Cargo.toml file. It will then check that there is a heading mentioning the current version of your crate.

The regular expression can contain placeholders which are replaced before the regular expression search begins:

  • {version}: the current version number of your package.
  • {name}: the name of your package.

This way you can search for things like "Latest version of {name} is: {version}" and make sure you update your READMEs and changelogs consistently.


If the regular expression cannot be found, panic! will be invoked and your integration test will fail.