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Rust library to easily compare version numbers with no specific format, and test against various comparison operators.

Comparing version numbers is hard, especially with weird version number formats.

This library helps you to easily compare any kind of version number with no specific format using a best-effort approach. Two version numbers can be compared to each other to get a comparison operator (<, ==, >), or test them against a comparison operator.

Along with version comparison, the library provides various other tools for working with version numbers.

Inspired by PHPs version_compare().


Version numbers that would parse successfully include:
1,, 1.2.alpha,, , . -32 . 1, MyApp 3.2.0 / build 0932

See a list of how version numbers compare here.


use version_compare::{compare, compare_to, Cmp, Version};

let a = "1.2";
let b = "1.5.1";

// The following comparison operators are used:
// - Cmp::Eq -> Equal
// - Cmp::Ne -> Not equal
// - Cmp::Lt -> Less than
// - Cmp::Le -> Less than or equal
// - Cmp::Ge -> Greater than or equal
// - Cmp::Gt -> Greater than

// Easily compare version strings
assert_eq!(compare(a, b), Ok(Cmp::Lt));
assert_eq!(compare_to(a, b, Cmp::Le), Ok(true));
assert_eq!(compare_to(a, b, Cmp::Gt), Ok(false));

// Parse and wrap version strings as a Version
let a = Version::from(a).unwrap();
let b = Version::from(b).unwrap();

// The Version can easily be compared with
assert_eq!(a < b, true);
assert_eq!(a <= b, true);
assert_eq!(a > b, false);
assert_eq!(a != b, true);
assert_eq!(, Cmp::Lt);
assert_eq!(a.compare_to(&b, Cmp::Lt), true);

// Or match the comparison operators
match {
    Cmp::Lt => println!("Version a is less than b"),
    Cmp::Eq => println!("Version a is equal to b"),
    Cmp::Gt => println!("Version a is greater than b"),
    _ => unreachable!(),

See the examples directory for more.


  • Compare version numbers, get: <, ==, >
  • Compare against a comparison operator (<, <=, ==, !=, >=, >)
  • Parse complex and unspecified formats
  • Static, standalone methods to easily compare version strings in a single line of code


Version numbers using the semver format are compared correctly with no additional configuration.

If your version number strings follow this exact format you may be better off using the semver crate for more format specific features.

If that isn’t certain however, version-compare makes comparing a breeze.

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  • Version manifest (configuration).
  • Version struct, wrapping a string, providing useful comparison functions.


  • Comparison operators enum.
  • Version string part enum.


  • Compare two version number strings to each other.
  • Compare two version number strings to each other and test against the given comparison operator.