Struct vapcore_service::ClientService[][src]

pub struct ClientService { /* fields omitted */ }

Client service setup. Creates and registers client and network services with the IO subsystem.


impl ClientService[src]

pub fn start(
    config: ClientConfig,
    spec: &Spec,
    blockchain_db: Arc<dyn BlockChainDB>,
    snapshot_path: &Path,
    restoration_db_handler: Box<dyn BlockChainDBHandler>,
    _ipc_path: &Path,
    miner: Arc<Miner>,
    signer: Arc<dyn Signer>,
    encryptor: Box<dyn Encryptor>,
    private_tx_conf: ProviderConfig,
    private_encryptor_conf: EncryptorConfig
) -> Result<ClientService, VapcoreError>

Start the ClientService.

pub fn register_io_handler(
    handler: Arc<dyn IoHandler<ClientIoMessage<Client>> + Send>
) -> Result<(), IoError>

Get general IO interface

pub fn client(&self) -> Arc<Client>[src]

Get client interface

pub fn snapshot_service(&self) -> Arc<SnapshotService<Client>>[src]

Get snapshot interface.

pub fn private_tx_service(&self) -> Arc<PrivateTxService>[src]

Get private transaction service.

pub fn io(&self) -> Arc<IoService<ClientIoMessage<Client>>>[src]

Get network service component

pub fn add_notify(&self, notify: Arc<dyn ChainNotify>)[src]

Set the actor to be notified on certain chain events

pub fn db(&self) -> Arc<dyn BlockChainDB>[src]

Get a handle to the database.

pub fn shutdown(&self)[src]

Shutdown the Client Service

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