[][src]Struct valora::Options

pub struct Options {
    pub world: World,
    pub brainstorm: bool,
    pub delay: usize,
    pub output: Option<PathBuf>,

Command line options for a painting run.

Construct with Options::from_args() to run the CLI.


world: Worldbrainstorm: bool

In brainstorm mode:

  • When rendering a limited number of frames to screen, the preview will not close.

  • When rendering to file, every frame will be rendered with a different seed.

delay: usize

The number of frames to delay saving to file. For example, if delay=100, 100 frames will be rendered silently and then the 101st and those after it will be saved to file.

output: Option<PathBuf>

Prefix of output path. Output is //<frame_number>.png

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Options[src]

impl Debug for Options[src]

impl StructOpt for Options[src]

impl StructOptInternal for Options[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Options

impl Send for Options

impl Sync for Options

impl Unpin for Options

impl UnwindSafe for Options

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