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Provides iteration by char over &[u16] containing potentially-invalid UTF-16 such that errors are replaced with the REPLACEMENT CHARACTER.

The trait Utf16CharsEx provides the convenience method chars() on byte slices themselves instead of having to use the more verbose Utf16Chars::new(slice).


  • Iterator by Result<char,Utf16CharsError> over &[u16] that contains potentially-invalid UTF-16. There is exactly one Utf16CharsError per each unpaired surrogate.
  • An iterator over the chars and their positions.
  • Iterator by char over &[u16] that contains potentially-invalid UTF-16. See the crate documentation.
  • A type for signaling UTF-16 errors.


  • Convenience trait that adds chars() and char_indices() methods similar to the ones on string slices to u16 slices.