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URScript for Rust

A library enabling efficient and effective control of UR e-series cobots, in both std and no_std environments.

This library currently provides:

  • Support for no-std environemnts
  • Preproccessing of variables related to URScript
  • Implementation of the pose type seen in URScript

This library is aiming to provide:

  • Formatting of variables and functions in a way compatible with URScript
  • Preproccessing of some functions and variables
  • Implementation of all types related to URScript
  • Async helper functions
  • Ability to deserialize data from UR5 robot into strings or variables


use ur_script::vars::pose::*;
use core::f32::consts::PI;

let home = Pose::new_pose(0., 1., 2., 0., PI, 0.);
let wobj_diagonal = Pose::new_pos(0., 2., 3.);
let target1 = wobj_diagonal*home;
let target2 = wobj_diagonal*target1;

println!("{}", target2);


The ur_script crate is tested for:


pub use vars::pose::Pose;


Exports for data structures