Trait unrest_tmp_quote::ToTokens [] [src]

pub trait ToTokens {
    fn to_tokens(&self, _: &mut Tokens);

    fn into_tokens(self) -> Tokens
        Self: Sized
, { ... } }

Types that can be interpolated inside a quote!(...) invocation.

Required Methods

Write self to the given Tokens.

Example implementation for a struct representing Rust paths like std::cmp::PartialEq:

pub struct Path {
    pub global: bool,
    pub segments: Vec<PathSegment>,

impl ToTokens for Path {
    fn to_tokens(&self, tokens: &mut Tokens) {
        for (i, segment) in self.segments.iter().enumerate() {
            if i > 0 || {

Provided Methods

Convert self directly into a Tokens object.

This method is implicitly implemented using to_tokens, and acts as a convenience method for consumers of the ToTokens trait.