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Unleash is a feature flag API system. This is a client for it to facilitate using the API to control features in Rust programs.

Client overview

The client is written using async. Any std compatible async runtime should be compatible. Examples with async-std and tokio are in the examples/ in the source tree.

To use it in a sync program, run an async executor and block_on() the relevant calls. As the client specification requires sending background metrics to the API, you will need to arrange to call the poll_for_updates method from a thread as demonstrated in examples/

The unleash defined strategies are included, to support custom strategies use the ClientBuilder and call the strategy method to register your custom strategy memoization function.

use std::collections::hash_map::HashMap;
use std::collections::hash_set::HashSet;
use std::hash::BuildHasher;
use std::time::Duration;

use async_std::task;
use enum_map::Enum;
use futures_timer::Delay;
use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize};

use unleash_api_client::client;
use unleash_api_client::config::EnvironmentConfig;
use unleash_api_client::context::Context;
use unleash_api_client::strategy;

fn _reversed_uids<S: BuildHasher>(
    parameters: Option<HashMap<String, String, S>>,
) -> strategy::Evaluate {
    let mut uids: HashSet<String> = HashSet::new();
    if let Some(parameters) = parameters {
        if let Some(uids_list) = parameters.get("userIds") {
            for uid in uids_list.split(',') {
    Box::new(move |context: &Context| -> bool {
            .map(|uid| uids.contains(uid))

#[derive(Debug, Deserialize, Serialize, Enum, Clone)]
enum UserFeatures {

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error + Send + Sync + 'static>> {
    let _ = simple_logger::init();
    task::block_on(async {
        let config = EnvironmentConfig::from_env()?;
        let client = client::ClientBuilder::default()
            .strategy("reversed", Box::new(&_reversed_uids))
        futures::future::join(client.poll_for_updates(), async {
            // Ensure we have initial load of features completed
            assert_eq!(true, client.is_enabled(UserFeatures::default, None, false));
            // ... serve more requests


pub use crate::client::Client;
pub use crate::client::ClientBuilder;
pub use crate::config::EnvironmentConfig;
pub use crate::context::Context;
pub use crate::strategy::Evaluate;


The primary interface for users of the library.

Convenient configuration glue.

The HTTP Layer

For the complete minimalist