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ipfs-unixfs: UnixFs tree support in Rust.

The crate aims to provide a blockstore implementation independent of the UnixFs implementation by working on slices and not doing any IO operations.

The main entry point for extracting information and/or data out of UnixFs trees is ipfs_unixfs::walk::Walker. To resolve IpfsPath segments over dag-pb nodes, ipfs_unixfs::resolve should be used.


pub use dir::resolve;
pub use dir::MaybeResolved;
pub use dir::ResolveError;


Support operations for the dag-pb, the outer shell of UnixFS

Directory and directory tree support

File support.

Symlink creation support UnixFS symlink support. UnixFS symlinks are UnixFS messages similar to single block files, but the link name or target path is encoded in the UnixFS::Data field. This means that the target path could be in any encoding, however it is always treated as an utf8 Unix path. Could be that this is wrong.

Support for walking over all UnixFs trees


Combined dag-pb (or MerkleDAG) with UnixFs payload.

A link could not be transformed into a Cid.

A container for the UnixFs metadata, which can be present at the root of the file, directory, or symlink trees.

Wrapper around the unexpected UnixFs node type, allowing access to querying what is known about the type.


Errors which can occur when looking up a HAMTSharded directory.