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Strings that are compatible wuth Unix-like operating systems.

  • UnixString and UnixStr are useful when you need to with Unix strings. Conversions between UnixString, UnixStr and Rust strings work similarly to those for CString and CStr.

  • UnixString represents an owned string in Unix's preferred representation.

  • UnixStr represents a borrowed reference to a string in a format that can be passed to a Unix-lie operating system. It can be converted into a UTF-8 Rust string slice in a similar way to UnixString.


UnixStr implements two methods, from_bytes and as_bytes. These do inexpensive conversions from and to UTF-8 byte slices.

Additionally, UnixString provides from_vec and into_vec methods that consume their arguments, and take or produce vectors of u8.



Borrowed reference to a Unix string (see UnixString).


A type that can represent owned, mutable Unix strings, but is cheaply inter-convertible with Rust strings.