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unit-rs is a safe wrapper around the C libunit library from NGINX Unit, which allows creating Unit applications in Rust.


use unit_rs::{Unit, Request};

fn main() {
    let mut unit = Unit::new().unwrap();

    unit.set_request_handler(|req: Request<'_>| {
        let headers = &[("Content-Type", "text/plain")];
        let body = "Hello world!\n";
        req.send_response(200, headers, body)?;



Currently not all features are supported, but enough are available to inspect all aspects of a request and create a response.

This library is also capable of multi-threading by creating additional instances of Unit.

When the http feature enabled, the http::HttpHandler adapter can be used to write handlers using types from the http crate.

Missing features

WebSockets support is not yet implemented.

A callback for inspecting a request header (and potentially closing the request) before Unit buffers the whole request body is not yet available.

There is currently no way to perform asynchronous handling of requests. Handlers with expensive computations or blocking IO will block the whole thread context.



This module contains an adapter to the Request and Response types from the http crate.


A reader that reads from the request body.

A writer that writes to a Unit shared memory response buffer.

A request received by the NGINX Unit server.

A buffer for constructing an initial response.

The Unit application context.

Error code returned by the Unit library.

Error code returned when Unit could not be initialized.


A trait that can be implemented by request handlers to be used with Unit::set_request_handler().

Type Definitions

Result type returned from methods that have a UnitError error.