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The rust-unidecode library is a Rust port of Sean M. Burke's famous Text::Unidecode module for Perl. It transliterates Unicode strings such as "Æneid" into pure ASCII ones such as "AEneid." For a detailed explanation on the rationale behind using such a library, you can refer to both the documentation of the original module and this article written by Burke in 2001.

The data set used to translate the Unicode was ported directly from the Text::Unidecode module using a Perl script, so rust-unidecode should produce identical output.


extern crate unidecode;
use unidecode::unidecode;

assert_eq!(unidecode("Æneid"), "AEneid");
assert_eq!(unidecode("étude"), "etude");
assert_eq!(unidecode("北亰"), "Bei Jing");
assert_eq!(unidecode("ᔕᓇᓇ"), "shanana");
assert_eq!(unidecode("げんまい茶"), "genmaiCha ");



This function takes any Unicode string and returns an ASCII transliteration of that string.


This function takes a single Unicode character and returns an ASCII transliteration.