[][src]Trait unicode_casing::CharExt

pub trait CharExt {
    fn is_titlecase(self) -> bool;
fn to_titlecase(self) -> ToTitlecase; }

Required methods

fn is_titlecase(self) -> bool

Indicates whether a character is titlecased.

'Titlecase' is defined in terms of the Unicode General Category 'Lt'.

Important traits for ToTitlecase
fn to_titlecase(self) -> ToTitlecase

Converts a character to its titlecase equivalent.

This performs complex unconditional mappings with no tailoring. See to_uppercase() for references and more information.

This differs from to_uppercase() since Unicode contains digraphs and ligature characters. For example, U+01F3 “dz” and U+FB01 “fi” map to U+01F1 “DZ” and U+0046 U+0069 “Fi”, respectively.

Return value

Returns an iterator which yields the characters corresponding to the titlecase equivalent of the character. If no conversion is possible then an iterator with just the input character is returned.

Note that is_titlecase will not necessarily return true for the yielded characters.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl CharExt for char[src]

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