pub use chord::Chord;
pub use chord_chart::ChordChart;
pub use chord_sequence::ChordSequence;
pub use chord_type::ChordType;
pub use distance::Distance;
pub use fingering::Fingering;
pub use fret_pattern::FretPattern;
pub use interval::Interval;
pub use note::Note;
pub use pitch_class::PitchClass;
pub use staff_position::StaffPosition;
pub use tuning::Tuning;
pub use voicing::Voicing;
pub use voicing_graph::VoicingGraph;




Number of fingers on our left hand to be used for pressing down strings.

Minimal number of frets to be shown in a chord chart.

Number of pitch classes.

Number of strings on our string instrument.

Type Definitions

The position of a finger on a certain string in a certain fret. For example, (3, 4) depicts the fourth fret on the third string.

The ID of a fret on the fretboard. 0 corresponds to the nut, 1 corresponds to the first fret, 2 to the second etc.

The number of semitones (corresponds to the number of frets) to move from one note or pitch class to another.

The number of steps in a staff to move from one staff position to another.

A certain configuration of a ukulele string consisting of the string’s root note, the ID of a fret on this string and the note that is played if this fret is pressed down.