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This crate provides a way to specify a stable, unique identifier for Rust types.

Assigning UUIDs to Types

This crate provides the TypeUuid trait, which defines a single const item UUID. This value is a byte array containing the raw bytes of the UUID for the type.

You will have to manually specify the UUID for any type implementing TypeUuid, but this crate provides a custom derive to make that easy to do:

use type_uuid::TypeUuid;

#[uuid = "d4adfc76-f5f4-40b0-8e28-8a51a12f5e46"]
struct MyType;

While the derive handles the tedious work of converting the UUID into a byte array suitable for use with the TypeUuid trait, you'll still need to generate a valid UUID in order to assign it to your type. To do so, we recommend using https://www.uuidgenerator.net, which provides a quick way generate new UUIDs that you can paste into your code.



Provides a statically defined UUID for a Rust type.


Allows the TypeUuid constants to be retrieved via a trait object.

Type Definitions


A 128-bit (16 byte) buffer containing the ID.