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TuringDB is a key-value database written using async code and backed by sled.rs embedded key/value store. This is just a library version, the server can be found by searching crates-io for turingdb-server or checking under the Github repository https://github.com/charleschege/TuringDB/TuringDB-Server/

This codebase uses sled as the underlying key/value store and builds upon that to provide other functionality like

  1. in-memory keys,
  2. async-locks for increased acid guarantees
  3. Insert operations will fail if a key already exists, use modify() method on a key to change its value
  4. in-memory locks to ensure that document locks are not dropped until the application is halted

Some features that are under development include

  1. Replication
  2. Multi-cluster queries
  3. Changefeeds without polling, inspired by RethinkDB
  4. JSON support

This module contains all the modules for the database engine that you can use to build a database server or embed in your own app



Contains the structure of a value represented by a key


This engine handles data all database queries and in-memory keys and sled file locks