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An id used to reference stored animations

An iterator for a branch of the tree tree

Contains an entity id and a mutable reference to state and can be used to set properties of a widget at build time

A basic button widget with an optional label.

Iterator for iterating through the children of an entity.

The unit widget

An event is a wrapper around a message and provides metadata on how the event should be propagated through the tree

Iterator for iterating through the ancestors of an entity

Computed properties used for layout and drawing

Lens composed of two lenses joined together

The tree describes a tree of entities

Iterator for iterating through the tree from top to bottom in depth first order

Passed to the window to set various window properties


The affinity of a cursor on a line break

Events sent when interacting with a button and events to set properties of a button

Code is the physical position of a key.

Key represents the meaning of a keypress.

The layout type determines how nodes will be positioned when directed by the parent

The position type determines whether a node will be positioned in-line with its siblings or seperate

Determines how the event propagates through the tree

Units which describe spacing and size


Helpers for manipulating Lenses

Trait which provides methods for investigating entity relations within the tree.


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