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tui-term is a library that provides pseudoterminal widget functionality for building interactive terminal applications using ratatui.


To use the tui-term library, add it as a dependency in your Cargo.toml file:

tui-term = "0.1.11"

or use cargo add:

cargo add tui-term


use ratatui::{
    style::{Color, Modifier, Style},
    widgets::{Block, Borders},
use tui_term::widget::PseudoTerminal;
use vt100::Parser;

let mut parser = vt100::Parser::new(24, 80, 0);
let pseudo_term = PseudoTerminal::new(parser.screen())

For more examples, please look at the examples in the repository.


  • Support for parsing and processing terminal control sequences using the vt100 crate.


  • The vt100 crate is currently the only supported backend for parsing terminal control sequences, but future versions may introduce support for alternative backends.



  • This is an unstable interface, and can be activatet with the following feature flag: unstable.