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Time-stamp counter (TSC) timer

This library provides a time-stamp counter (TSC) based timer for micro benchmarking.


// The function we want to time:
pub fn fibonacci(n: u64) -> u64 {
    match n {
        0 | 1 => 1,
        n => fibonacci(n - 1) + fibonacci(n - 2),

// Non-invariant TSCs might produce unreliable results:
assert!(has_invariant_tsc(), "The TSC is not invariant!");

let (duration, result) =
    Duration::span(|| black_box(fibonacci(black_box(8))));

assert_eq!(result, 34);

println!("Reference cycle count: {} cycles.", duration.cycles());
// On my machine prints: "Reference cycle count: 951 cycles."


  • The TSC runs at a different frequency than the CPU clock frequency, so the cycles reported here are "reference cycles" and not real CPU clock cycles.

  • If the TSC is not invariant (Nehalem-and-later) the measurements might not be very accurate due to turbo boost, speed-step, power management, etc.

  • Converting "reference cycles" to time (e.g., nanoseconds) is, in general, not possible to do reliably in user-space.

  • One might want to disable preemption and hard interrupts before timing (see How to Benchmark Code Execution Times on Intel® IA-32 and IA-64 Instruction Set Architectures) to further improve the accuracy of the measurements.




Duration between two time instants


Start time instant


Stop time instant



Returns true if the CPU has an invariant TSC.