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Contains the macros try_or!, try_or_else!, try_opt_or! and try_opt_or_else!. These are helper macros for unwrapping a Result or an Option while returning early for Err and None values. The semantics are similar to unwrap_or and unwrap_or_else.

If you want a try_opt! macro, there's already another crate (try_opt) for that.



Unwraps an Option, returning the second parameter if the option is None.


Unwraps an Option. If the result is None, calls the function $or_fn and returns its result.


Helper macro for unwrapping Result values. Returns early with the value of the second parameter if the first parameter is Err.


Unwraps a Result. If the result is Err, calls the function $or_fn with its value and returns early with its result.