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This is a transcoding library. Transcoding here means converting text encoding to another.

There are two excellent crates chardetng and encoding_rs. chardetng is created for encoding detection and encoding_rs can be used for transcoding. This library aims to transcode the easy and efficient way by combining these two crates.

Note: Supported encodings are the ones defined in the Encoding Standard.

Note: UTF-16 files are needed to have a BOM to be detected as the encoding.
This is because chardetng, on which this library depends, does not support UTF-16 and this library only added BOM sniffing to detect UTF-16.


Reader for non-UTF-8 input sources. Although this is mainly for non-UTF-8, reads the input source with zero overhead if no transcoding is needed

Encoding detector for I18nReader.

Low level API for transcoding.


The result of the encoding detection.


List of supported encodings.