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This crate provides a macro that generates a trait-union type. That is, a trait object type which can contain any one of a pre-determined set of implementors.

The generated type does not allocate. The size of the type is the size of the largest variant plus some constant overhead.

NOTE: As of rustc 1.47, you must enable the untagged_unions feature to store non-Copy types in a trait-union. This will change soon.


trait_union! {
    /// Container can contain either an i32, a &'static str, or a bool.
    union Container: Display = i32 | &'static str | bool;

let mut container = Container::new(32);
assert_eq!(container.to_string(), "32");

container = Container::new("Hello World");
assert_eq!(container.to_string(), "Hello World");

container = Container::new(true);
assert_eq!(container.to_string(), "true");

The generated type has the following interface:

This example is not tested
struct Container {
    /* ... */

impl Container {
    fn new(value: impl ContainerVariant) -> Self { /* ... */ }

impl Deref for Container {
    type Target = dyn Display + 'static;
    /* ... */

impl DerefMut for Container {
    /* ... */

unsafe trait ContainerVariant: Display + 'static { }

unsafe impl ContainerVariant for i32 { }
unsafe impl ContainerVariant for &'static str { }
unsafe impl ContainerVariant for bool { }



Macro that generates a trait-union type


Macro that generates a trait-union type for Copy implementors