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A MakeWriter implementation to allow directly using tracing_subscriber in the browser or with NodeJS.

The MakeConsoleWriter allows mapping arbitrary trace events to any other console verbosity level. Check out the MakeConsoleWriter::map_trace_level_to and similar methods when building the writer.

Important Note

In my testing, if you don’t call .without_time on the subscriber builder, a runtime exception will be raised.


use tracing_subscriber::fmt;
use tracing_subscriber_wasm::MakeConsoleWriter;

    // To avoide trace events in the browser from showing their
    // JS backtrace, which is very annoying, in my opinion
  // For some reason, if we don't do this in the browser, we get
  // a runtime error.


The type which is responsible for actually writing the tracing event out to the console.
This is the main type that is passed to with_writer.
Allows mapping tracing::Level events to a different console level.