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tracing Subscriber for structuring Stackdriver-compatible LogEntry

This crate provides a Layer for use with a tracing Registry that formats tracing Spans and Events into properly-structured JSON for consumption by Google Operations Logging through the jsonPayload field.

This includes the following behaviors and enhancements:

  1. rfc3339-formatted timestamps for all Events
  2. severity (in LogSeverity format) derived from tracing Level
  3. target derived from the Event target Metadata
  4. Span name and custom fields included under a span key
  5. automatic nesting of http_request.-prefixed event fields
  6. automatic camelCase-ing of all field keys (e.g. http_request -> httpRequest)
use tracing_subscriber::{layer::SubscriberExt, Registry};
use tracing_stackdriver::Stackdriver;

fn main() {
    let stackdriver = Stackdriver::default(); // writes to std::io::Stdout
    let subscriber = Registry::default().with(stackdriver);

    tracing::subscriber::set_global_default(subscriber).expect("Could not set up global logger");


A tracing adapater for stackdriver