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This module is where the implementation of the probe-related proc macros are. The actual proc macro is in the tracers-macros crate because proc macro crates can only export proc macros and nothing else. That's an inconvenient restriction, especially since there's quite a lot of overlap between the macro code and the build-time probe code generation logic. Hence, this bifurcation.





Called from the build.rs of all crates which have a direct dependency on tracers and tracers_macros. This determines the compile-time configuration of the tracers crate, and performs any build-time code generation necessary to support the code generated by the tracers_macros macros.


This function is the counterpart to build, which is intended to be invoked in the tracers build.rs script. It reads the feature flags enabled on tracers, and from those flags and other information about the target sytem and the local build environment selects an implementation to use, or panics if no suitable implementation is possible

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