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Rust implementation of Python command line progress bar tool tqdm.

From original documentation:

tqdm derives from the Arabic word taqaddum (تقدّم) which can mean “progress,” and is an abbreviation for “I love you so much” in Spanish (te quiero demasiado). Instantly make your loops show a smart progress meter - just wrap any iterable with tqdm(iterable), and you’re done!

This crate provides a wrapper Iterator. It controls multiple progress bars when next is called. Most traits are bypassed with auto-dereference, so original methods can be called with no overhead.



  • Progress bar style enumeration


  • Iterator wrapper that updates progress bar on next


  • Trait that allows .tqdm() method chaining, equivalent to tqdm::tqdm(iter)


  • Manually refresh all progress bars
  • Wrap Iterator like it in Python. This function creates a default progress bar object and registers it to the global collection. The returned iterator Deref to the given one and will update its tqdm whenever next is called.