pub trait Discover: Sealed<Change<(), ()>> {
    type Key: Eq;
    type Service;
    type Error;

    fn poll_discover(
        self: Pin<&mut Self>,
        cx: &mut Context<'_>
    ) -> Poll<Option<Result<Change<Self::Key, Self::Service>, Self::Error>>>; }
Available on crate feature discover only.
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A dynamically changing set of related services.

As new services arrive and old services are retired, Changes are returned which provide unique identifiers for the services.

See the module documentation for more details.

Required Associated Types

A unique identifier for each active service.

An identifier can be re-used once a Change::Remove has been yielded for its service.

The type of Service yielded by this Discover.

Error produced during discovery

Required Methods

Yields the next discovery change set.