Struct tokio::time::Interval[][src]

pub struct Interval { /* fields omitted */ }
This is supported on crate feature time only.

Interval returned by interval and interval_at.

This type allows you to wait on a sequence of instants with a certain duration between each instant. Unlike calling sleep in a loop, this lets you count the time spent between the calls to sleep as well.

An Interval can be turned into a Stream with IntervalStream.


impl Interval[src]

pub async fn tick(&mut self) -> Instant[src]

Completes when the next instant in the interval has been reached.


use tokio::time;

use std::time::Duration;

async fn main() {
    let mut interval = time::interval(Duration::from_millis(10));


    // approximately 20ms have elapsed.

pub fn poll_tick(&mut self, cx: &mut Context<'_>) -> Poll<Instant>[src]

Poll for the next instant in the interval to be reached.

This method can return the following values:

  • Poll::Pending if the next instant has not yet been reached.
  • Poll::Ready(instant) if the next instant has been reached.

When this method returns Poll::Pending, the current task is scheduled to receive a wakeup when the instant has elapsed. Note that on multiple calls to poll_tick, only the Waker from the Context passed to the most recent call is scheduled to receive a wakeup.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Interval[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Interval

impl Send for Interval

impl Sync for Interval

impl Unpin for Interval

impl !UnwindSafe for Interval

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