Module tokio::reactor [] [src]

The core reactor driving all I/O.

This module contains the Reactor reactor type which is the event loop for all I/O happening in tokio. This core reactor (or event loop) is used to drive I/O resources.

The Handle and Remote structs are refences to the event loop, created by the handle and remote respectively, and are used to construct I/O objects. Remote is sendable, while Handle is not.

Lastly PollEvented can be used to construct I/O objects that interact with the event loop, e.g. TcpStream in the net module.



A handle to an event loop.


A concrete implementation of a stream of readiness notifications for I/O objects that originates from an event loop.


The core reactor, or event loop.


Error returned from Handle::set_fallback.


Return value from the turn method on Reactor.