[][src]Crate tokenstream2_tmpl


This crate is meant to be a complement to quote. Where as quote does quasi-quote interpolations at compile-time, this crate does them at run-time. This is handy for macros receiving templates from client code with markers to be replaced when the macro is run.


use proc_macro2::TokenStream;
use tokenstream2-tmpl::interpolate;
use quote::ToTokens;
use std::collections::HashMap;
use syn::{Ident, parse_str};

let input: TokenStream = parse_str("let NAME: int = 5;")?;
let expected: TokenStream = parse_str("let age: int = 5;")?;

let mut replacements: HashMap<&str, &dyn ToTokens> = HashMap::new();
let ident = parse_str::<Ident>("age")?;
replacements.insert("NAME", &ident);

let output = interpolate(input, &replacements);
    format!("{}", output),
    format!("{}", expected)

Here input might be some input to a macro that functions as a template. quote would have tried to expand NAME at the macro's compile-time. tokenstream2-tmpl will expand it at the macro's run-time.

extern crate proc_macro;
use proc_macro2::TokenStream;
use std::collections::HashMap;
use syn::{Ident, parse::{Parse, ParseStream, Result}, parse_macro_input, punctuated::Punctuated, Token};
use tokenstream2-tmpl::{Interpolate, interpolate};
use quote::ToTokens;

/// Create a token for macro using [syn](syn)
/// Type that holds a key and the value it maps to.
/// An acceptable stream will have the following form:
/// ```text
/// key => value
/// ```
struct KeyValue {
    pub key: Ident,
    pub arrow_token: Token![=>],
    pub value: Ident,

/// Make KeyValue parsable from a token stream
impl Parse for KeyValue {
    fn parse(input: ParseStream) -> Result<Self> {
        Ok(KeyValue {
            key: input.parse()?,
            arrow_token: input.parse()?,
            value: input.parse()?,

/// Make KeyValue interpolatible
impl Interpolate for KeyValue {
    fn interpolate(&self, stream: TokenStream) -> TokenStream {
        let mut replacements: HashMap<_, &dyn ToTokens> = HashMap::new();

        // Replace each "KEY" with the key
        replacements.insert("KEY", &self.key);

        // Replace each "VALUE" with the value
        replacements.insert("VALUE", &self.value);

        interpolate(stream, &replacements)

/// Macro to take a list of key-values with a template to expand each key-value
pub fn map(tokens: proc_macro::TokenStream, template: proc_macro::TokenStream) -> proc_macro::TokenStream {
    // Parse a comma separated list of key-values
    let maps =
        parse_macro_input!(tokens with Punctuated::<KeyValue, Token![,]>::parse_terminated);


pub fn main() {
        usize => 10,
        isize => -2,
        bool => false,
    let _: KEY = VALUE;
    // Output:
    // let _: usize = 10;
    // let _: isize = -2;
    // let _: bool = false;



Trait for tokens that can replace interpolation markers



Replace the interpolation markers in a token stream with a specific text. See this crate's documentation for an example on how to use this.