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Tendermint Key Management System


pub use crate::application::KmsApplication;


Legacy message types serialized using the Amino serialization format

Abscissa Application for the KMS

Information about particular Tendermint blockchain networks

The KMS makes outbound connections to the validator, and is technically a client, however once connected it accepts incoming RPCs, and otherwise acts as a service.

Subcommands of the tmkms command-line application

Configuration file structures (with serde-derived parser)

Connections to a validator (TCP or Unix socket)

Error types


Signing keyring. Presently specialized for Ed25519.

Application-local prelude: conveniently import types/functions/macros which are generally useful and should be available everywhere.

Remote Procedure Calls

A session with a validator node

Transaction signer.

Application-local YubiHSM configuration and initialization